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I want to live like well water at any time.
In 2019, from the Izumo Hinomisaki Lighthouse

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(最終更新日時 2020 年 02 月 28 日)

(2018/09/03 画面を一新:2020 年版)





It was 2010 when this picture was taken. We visited my parents at Tsujido, in Kanagawa prefecture . At that time my father was 87 years old and my mother was 84 years old.

Now three children graduated from college and became independent, but unfortunately my father died on January 28, 2014 and my mother died on December 31, 2015.

I realize that life and death are not separate, but there is death in life.

I sincerely wish that 2020 will be a peaceful year for ourselves and for the world as well.

「「 我が家の活動の記録です 」」

 我が家の五名、suke、sun、non、taku、aya の活動記録です。子ども達三人は、すでに家を離れていますので、夫婦二人の生活ですが、家族が仲良く、そしてそれぞれが夢を持って健康で生きていけること。それが夫婦二人の何よりの幸せと思っています。



It is the activity record of five of us, suke, sun, non, taku, aya. Three children are already away from home, so it is the lives of two couples, but family members get along, and each one can live with health with their dreams. I think that it is the happiness of the couple more than anything else.

To record is a proof of being alive. I want to record as long as I live. I think that this record is one of the few important heritage that children can receive.

From June 2017 we transitioned the homepage on WordPress. I am not familiar with it yet, but I am continuing my studies to make it sophisticated little by little. I believe it will surely be useful. Temporarily I updated the cover design to New Year’s Day.







I would like to be well water at any time

People can only live in society. Because you can only live between people and people, you are a human being.

As a result, humans continue to be mad at various circumstances. That is why people should have a belief to protect, and in any situation, that alone should not be handed over.

Well water is said to be cold in the summer and warm in the winter, but in reality it is rarely changing the temperature throughout the year. I am also adapting to changes in the surroundings, but I always want to protect myself constantly.

美しき ことも無き日を美しく すみなすものは 心なりけり



It is an imitation of Takasugi Shinsaku and Yoshikibura. Everyday life that seemingly looks monotonous. It is impossible for ordinary men to walk a path like Basho that Yoshiro Buson admired. There is no choice but to live in the framework of the family and other people.

As I see in Busan’s haiku every day, I hope that I will live without losing my heart’s demand for beauty while being covered in society.

WhenⅠgo out of the gate,

I also am a traveller,

in the autumn evening.